Approved Special Sessions

Approved Special Sessions as of Feb. 13.

ID SS Title (link to Detail) Submission
S01 Systems Biology Paper Submission for S01
S02 Intelligent Learning in Control Systems Paper Submission for S02
S03 Mechatronics and Creative Design Paper Submission for S03
S04 Grey System and Applications Paper Submission for S04
S05 Decision support systems based on multicriteria models and behavioral neuroscience issues Paper Submission for S05
S06 Recent Advances of Distributed/Multi-agent Systems Paper Submission for S06
S07 Intelligent Media and New-Generation Software Paper Submission for S06
S08 Proactive Healthcare Systems Paper Submission for S06
ID SS Title (link to Detail) Submission
H01 Advanced Machine Learning and Bio-Signal Processing for Rehabilitation and Assistive System Paper Submission
H02 HCSS-CPS: Human-Centered Security and Safety for Cyber-Physical Systems Paper Submission
H03 Automation Design and Intelligence Computation Paper Submission
H04 Collaborative Technologies and Applications Paper Submission
H05 Interactive and Wearable Computing and Devices (IWCD) Paper Submission
H06 Collaborative Wireless Sensor Networks and Internet of Things
ID SS Title (link to Detail) Submission
C01 Collective, distributed and multi-criteria decision-making approaches for supporting Cyber-Physical Security Analytics Paper Submission
C02 Zeroing neural network (ZNN) Paper Submission
C03 Perception, Cognition, Exhortation and Actuation in Sport Biomechanics Paper Submission
C04 Cyber Modern Technology on Medicine, Health Care and Human Assist Paper Submission
C05 Soft Computing: Feature Extraction and Learning on Image and Text Data Paper Submission
C06 Soft Computing: Data Driven Approach for Bio-medical and Healthcare Paper Submission
C07 Soft Computing: Current Trend of Machine Learning in Computer Vision Paper Submission
C08 Soft Computing: Machine Learning and Bioinformatics Paper Submission
C09 Computational Intelligence for Learning and Knowledge Acquisition Paper Submission
C10 Quantum Cybernetics and Machine Learning Paper Submission
C11 Granular Computing Paper Submission
C12 Intelligent Internet Systems Paper Submission for S06
C13 Soft Computing: Optimization and Machine Learning with Subjective Criteria Paper Submission for S06
C14 Learning from difficult data Paper Submission for S06
C15 Soft Computing: Deep Learning & AI-Driven Automation