C03: Perception, Cognition, Exhortation and Actuation in Sport Biomechanics

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Sports biomechanics quantitatively studies the mechanism of sport activities, aiming at the improvement of athlete performance using scientific computation. It involves the perception of subject data using various sensing devices, the cognitive computation based on the perceived data, either collected offline or online, to extract advanced features of subject behaviors, the exhortation to subjects with the computational results to improve their performance or revise incorrect actions, the actuation of motors, robotic devices, or sport assistive mechanisms, to achieve preferable motions. The four parts construct a complete system with human in the loop and heavily rely on cybernetic approaches to arrive at in-depth understanding of the nonlinearity, uncertainty, and non-determinacy of human subjects in athletic competition.

This special session focuses on this emerging topic, calls for research works using quantitative methods for sport biomechanical applications, aiming at raising attentions using data driven approaches to improve athlete performances in sport competition, and expecting to create a forum for researchers in this community to brainstorm the future of sports biomechanics in big data era. Contributions on sensing systems, advanced computation algorithms, sport advising/training data processing methodologies, sport assistive system developments, related to sport biomechanics are all welcome.

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