C06: Soft Computing: Data Driven Approach for Bio-medical and Healthcare

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Biomedical data contains several challenges in data analysis, including high dimensionality, class imbalance and low number of samples. Although the current research in this field has shown promising results, several research issues need to be explored as follows. There is a need to explore feature selection methods to select stable sets of genes to improve predictive performance along with interpretation. There is also a need to explore big data in biomedical big data in biomedical and healthcare research. An increasing flood of data characterizes human health care and biomedical research. Healthcare data are available in different formats, including numeric, textual reports, signals and images, and the data are available from different sources. An interesting aspect is to integrate different data sources in the data analysis process which requires exploiting the existing domain knowledge from available sources. The data sources can be ontologies, annotation repositories, and domain experts’ reports.
This special session aims to bring together the current research progress (from both academia and industry) on data analysis for biomedical and healthcare applications. It will attract healthcare practitioners who have access to interesting sources of data but lack the expertize in using the data mining effectively. Special attention will be devoted to handle feature selection, class imbalance, and data fusion in biomedical and healthcare applications.

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