C15: Soft Computing: Deep Learning & AI-Driven Automation

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Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) promote machines to emulate human perceptual and cognitive abilities in a way that marks the start of a new wave of automation. What make researchers, industrialists, and policy makers excited about the current trend of automation is that it is mainly driven by one soft computing technique: ‘deep learning’, which is a modified version of artificial neural networks and that this AI-driven automation could affect the human future in various aspects. Domains in which artificial intelligence has the potential to drive the new wave of automation include health care, transportation, cognitive robotics, electrical power generation, education, justice, and economic inclusion. The proposed session provides researchers and experts a platform to report and discuss the most recent upshots of the current wave of AI-driven automation from a cross-disciplinary perspective, encompassing theory, analysis, methods and applications. Contributions are solicited in all aspects of soft computing techniques, comprising revolutionary computation, fuzzy systems, neural networks, reinforcement learning, and cognitive computation.

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