C19: Situation Awareness Evaluation

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Situation Management is a synergistic goal-directed process of situation awareness (SA) and control in dynamic systems so that desired goal situations are reached within predefined quality, resources and time. Loss of situation awareness is frequently the primary cause for disasters involving operators of complex systems and leaders of teams. Loss of SA can occur not only because of confusion in high stress situations but also because of boredom during long duration low stress situations. The purpose of the special session is to examine how one can evaluate SA of a human or other agent involved in a complex heterogeneous dynamical system – of interacting humans, machines, computer agents and/or networks – whose individual and/or collective behavior depends on their SA. Effective evaluation techniques for SA open the possibility of automatically detecting a deterioration of SA before it becomes a serious problem, thereby allowing for remediation.
Topic areas include:

  • Metrics for SA loss estimation in human-computer systems
  • Metrics for SA loss estimation in autonomic systems
  • Evaluating loss of SA in multi-agent systems
  • Compensating for loss of SA by collective behavior
  • Metrics for SA at different levels: sensing, perception or comprehension

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