C20: Deep Learning for Intelligent Visual Data Understanding

Paper Submission for C20

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There is a broad range of important applications that rely on accurate visual data processing and understanding. However, accurately understanding the visual data remains a highly challenging problem. In recent years, visual data has been published and spread explosively, becoming an indispensable part of today’s big data. Such large-scale visual data has opened challenges and opportunities for intelligent visual data understanding. Meanwhile, with the recent advances in deep learning techniques, we are now able to boost the intelligence of visual data understanding significantly and initiate new research directions to analyze multimedia content. Therefore, deep learning for intelligent visual data understanding is becoming an emerging research area. This special session aims at providing an opportunity for colleagues to share their high quality research articles that address a wide range of topics in deep learning, visual data processing, image and video intelligent analysis. We invite colleagues to contribute original research articles that develop deep learning algorithms to target specific applications in large-scale visual data analytics, and define novel large-scale visual data driven applications, which can be cleared up by deep learning algorithms.

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