C21: Human Awareness Computing: Computational Awareness

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Awareness is related to a system’s ability to perceive, to feel, or to develop conscious experiences. For cybernetics the study of awareness is fundamental. Compared with other fields in the cybernetics community, computational awareness (CA) concentrates on approaches to gain understanding of awareness, and technologies to model, realize, and implement aware systems. The ultimate goal of CA research is to build systems that are aware, that are more autonomous and more human-like. This special session provides an opportunity for researchers from both academia
and industry to present their latest work, discuss issues and share ideas with other researchers in the CA field.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Awareness theory:
  • Awareness mechanisms and modeling
  • Awareness in machine learning algorithms
  • Awareness in agent computing
  • Awareness in ontology and semantics
  • Awareness in human behavior
  • Intention/emotion awareness
  • Risk awareness
Awareness practice:
  • Awareness in data mining and knowledge discovery
  • Safety/security awareness
  • Context/background awareness
  • Awareness in medical applications
  • Power/energy awareness

Session Chairs