C24: Cybermatics for Cyber-Enabled Systems, Technologies, and Applications (Cyber-ESTA)

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Cybermatics refers to the scientific and systematic study of new phenomena, behaviors, properties and practices in the rapidly emerging cyberspace and cyber-enabled worlds, including digital cyber world and cyber-conjugated physical, social and mental worlds. In this special session, we are interested in research on cyber-enabled systems, technologies, and applications (Cyber-ESTA).
We are particularly interested in original research in the following four themes:
(1) Cyber-Enabled Healthcare and Medical Systems, where the target physical elements are predominantly human beings;
(2) Cyber-Integrated Internet of Things with the focus on large-scale self-organizing sensor networks for IoT, big data collecting and analysis in IoT, security and trustiness mechanism, and smart hardware design for heterogeneous IoT;
(3) Cyber-Combined Smart Environment and Living with the focus on context-aware sensing and decision making, intention recognition based on body languages instead of oral commands, realtime intervention for home-based care for patients with dementia or autism;
(4) Cyber-Generated Intelligence and Life, which focuses on programmable materials as an emanation of the biological fabrication observation.

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