H06: Collaborative Wireless Sensor Networks and Internet of Things

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A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is a collection of tiny devices capable of sensing, computation and wireless communication operating in a certain environment to monitor and control events of interest in a distributed manner and collectively react to critical situations. WSN applications span various domains such as environmental and building monitoring and surveillance, pollution monitoring, agriculture, health care, home-automation, energy management, earthquake and eruption monitoring. Notably, through collaboration WSNs can organize efficiently, prolong system lifetime, handle dynamics, detect and correct errors, all with the final goal of eventually executing reliably the user application. Moreover, collaborative WSNs are integrated as basic elements of collaborative IoT technologies to create novel pervasive smart environments. This special session focuses on exploring collaborative techniques to make WSNs more reliable, intelligent, effective and easy-to-use in academic- and industry-related scenarios and to integrate them with IoT technology. Prospective authors are invited to submit original papers to the Special Session in the areas described below.

Indicative Topics/Areas:
  • WSN/IoT architectures, protocols, and algorithms
  • Collaborative design of sensor nodes, WSN and IoT devices
  • Localization in WSN/IoT
  • Data management in WSN/IoT, including distributed storage, distributed processing, query, manipulation, data fusion, and data mining
  • WSN/IoT reliability and security
  • Cooperative signal and information processing in WSN/IoT
  • Integration between WSN and IoT
  • Collaborative Body Sensor Networks
  • Integration of WSN and Cloud computing
  • WSN applications in Health Care, Automotive, Logistics, Energy
  • Management,
  • Manufacturing, etc.
  • Collaborative IoT Applications and Systems
  • Intelligent sensing and communications
Other information:

The CWSN&IoT SS was established in 2009 and this would be the 10th edition of the SS.

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