H08: Semantic Web Technologies and Ontology for Real-World Applications

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The constant growth of the Internet and introduction of such concepts as the Semantic Web and Linked Data create challenges as well as opportunities to transform the web into an environment providing the users with the abilities to utilize and explore it in a different – human-like – and efficient way. The Internet is a huge collection of services, documents and different pieces of information – it is inherently heterogeneous, imprecise, uncertain, incomplete and even inconsistent. The users are not able to constantly search the web and analyze obtained data and information. There is a need for systems supporting the users in their web-related activities. Hence, human and smart machine co-learning on cybernetics is an important issue for future real-world applications.
Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing provide important and non-trivial approaches, techniques and methods ensuring a human-like way of dealing with imprecision, fusing information from multiple sources, selecting best among multiple alternatives, or representing information and knowledge using fuzzy ontology and fuzzy markup languages. It is anticipated, that applications of fuzziness and soft computing technologies to web systems will bring a new and human friendly way of interacting with the web, where many tasks related to web activities and information processing can be performed by systems on human behalf.
The special session will focus on the current research trends in the area of theory and practical aspects of intelligent systems equipped with fuzzy and other soft computing methods suitable for solving issues specific to web utilization, as well as to representation and processing of information and knowledge with special emphasis on fuzzy ontologies and their applications in various domains, for example, human and smart machine / robot co-learning for future educational applications.

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