H14: Cognitions in Humans and in Things

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Coordination of Human movements is a very difficult issue due to its overwhelming large degrees of freedom. Therefore, in developing machines, we have been making tremendous efforts to reduce the number of degrees of freedom so that we can control its movement rationally.
But as Polanyi pointed out there are tacit knowledge which cannot be verbalized or cannot be analyzed rationally. In fact, humans use deep sensation and coordinate their body movements.
Today, IoT is changing our society into the connected one, where not only humans but also machines and machines, and machines and humans will be connected. The number of degrees of freedom increases rapidly and we will be facing the same problem as we do in controlling our body movements.
This session invites presentations related to coordination of machines, and machines and humans.
In short, this session is organized to discuss how we can establish harmony in the connected society among machines and humans.

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