H20: Emotions, Verbal and Non-Verbal Expression-Recognition Systems

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The scope of this special session is to discuss the application and future possibilities of intelligent systems to be used for emotions, verbal and non-verbal expression and recognition. Expression and recognition of emotions includes facial expressions, emotional data from sensors, body motions, gestures, verbal and non-verbal data.
Related fields of research include database of verbal and nonverbal expressions, recommender system, learning support system, HCI (human computer interaction), HAI (human agent interaction), HRI (human robot interaction) or other fields, using emotion, verbal and non-verbal expression-recognition.
Application domains include health care, education, sports, serious and non-serious games, Interactive storytelling, and entertainment.

The topics of this special session include but are not limited to:

  • Intelligent systems using non-verbal information
  • Human computer interaction systems using emotional information
  • Database for converting verbal and non-verbal information
  • Health care systems using emotional information or non-verbal information
  • Support systems for people with disabilities emotional information or non-verbal information
  • Learning support systems using emotional information or non-verbal information
  • Serious games using emotional information or non-verbal information
  • Interactive storytelling systems using emotional information or
    non-verbal information

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