H22: Human-Centered Mobility Systems: Models, Interactions and Control

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Mobility is pervasive in our everyday life. It provides intelligent means to move people and goods inter or intra cities, and it is the place where major complex interactions happen among humans, vehicles, roads and environment. In major research contexts, the idea is that of moving towards so-called “Smart Cities”, the design of which is made of several contributions, but the overall glue is having smart, sustainable, and human-centered mobility systems that allow fast, safe, reliable, energy-efficient, and on-demand connections. They give rise to many different and complex human-machine interactions, which need to be properly characterized and studied. The design of such multi-faceted mobility systems is a challenging task, which needs contributions from, e.g., traffic control, mobility models, intra and inter-vehicle control, sensor networks, driver modelling, driver-vehicle-road interaction systems, and many more.
This special sessions aims at bringing together recent and innovative views on those challenging issues, with particular attention to the specific needs of future Smart Cities in terms of sustainable mobility of both people and goods.

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