H23: Novel Technical Approaches to Improving Functional Diagnosis and Prognosis

Paper Submission for H23

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Methods for biosignal monitoring and recording for the central nervous system have been developed rapidly. It enables us to design improved BMI devices to read human mind, probe the brain state, and control output devices by combining different techniques. In this special session, we focus on BMI for rehabilitation and functional reorganization by decoding brain signals. There is still a discrepancy between engineering, neuroscience, and medical sides to improve BMI for disabled patients. Future BMI system with EEG and ECoG will be more smoothly applied to patients targeting functional diagnosis and prognosis. We believe that quick decoding and feedback systems will enhance functional reorganization and networking in the human brain. To this end, we will discuss technical approaches to novel BMI for functional diagnosis and prognosis from the integrative perspective of engineering, neuroscience, and medical fields.

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