H25: Passive BCIs as Tools for Neuroadaptive Technology

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Neuroadaptive technology utilizes real-time measures of neurophysiological activity within a closed control loop to enable intelligent software adaptation. Measures of electrocortical and neurovascular brain activity are quantified to provide a dynamic representation of the user state, with respect to implicit psychological activity related to cognitions, emotions and motivation. This session is aimed at participants interested in applications of Neuroadaptive Technology in Human-Computer Interaction, specifically for users without disabilities. Here a focus lies on the use of EEG-based passive Brain-Computer Interfaces. We will discuss potential areas of application for this technology, methods that can be used to assess certain aspects of user state in real time and ethical implications of using Neuroadaptive Technology outside of laboratories. The session is endorsed by the Society for Neuroadaptive Technology (www.neuroadaptive.org) and it is intended to connect researchers from different scientific areas who are interested in the application of Neuroadaptive Technology.

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