H28: Real World applications of BCI systems

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A Brain-computer Interfaces (BCI) is based on the analysis of brain activity to provide a non – muscular channel for sending messages and commands to the external world. A BCI emerged few decades ago as a new communication procedure allowing subjects with severe neuromuscular disorders, who may be completely paralyzed or locked-in, to communicate and to interact with the outer world. However, recently BCI applications have been also used in totally different areas (e. g. entertainment). In the future, a qualitative improvement in performance is expected, in terms of information transfer rate and reliability with potential uses in emerging areas of interest. The main goal of this special session is to show the last research advances in neurotechnologies, BCIs and applications, as well as innovative signal processing algorithms, training techniques or paradigms that make them possible.

The organizers have successfully organized special sessions about BCIs technologies in the following conferences: IWANN17 (Teneriffe), …

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