H30: Brain-Inspired Systems

Paper Submission for H30

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Brain-Inspired Systems ​are a cutting-edge field of cognitive systems underpinned by transdisciplinary theoretical foundations of system, brain, intelligence, cybernetic and cognitive sciences as well as denotational mathematics. Contemporary cognitive systems have led to a wide range of engineering paradigms such as brain-machine interfaces, cognitive computers, cognitive robotics, cognitive machine learning systems, cognitive knowledge bases, cognitive neural networks, semantic comprehension systems, big data systems, unmanned systems, self-driving vehicles, and hybrid man-machine systems.


​Original papers are invited from multidisciplinary perspectives on subject areas including, but not limited to:

• Brain-inspired systems
• Cognitive computers
• Cognitive robotics
• Cognitive unmanned systems
• Cognitive systems of big data
• Cognitive linguistic systems
• Big neural data systems
• Computational intelligent systems
• Cognitive neural networks
• Mathematical models of cognitive systems
• Cognitive machine learning
• Brain-system interfaces
• Cognitive knowledge bases
• Hybrid man-machine systems
• Cognitive vehicle systems
• Neurocomputing systems
• Machine knowledge learning systems
• Semantic comprehension systems
• Collective & distributed intelligent systems
• Cognitive sensors and networks
• Computing with words (CWW)
• Brain image processing systems
• Cognitive information fusion
• Cognitive cybernetics”

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