S02: Intelligent Learning in Control Systems

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In recent years, a trend has emerged in which techniques of machine learning, computational intelligence, and intelligent control have been integrated into intelligent learning control systems on a variety of scales to meet the needs of implementation at the angle of commercial or industrial products. Several intelligent control approaches integrated with deep learning, reinforcement learning, case-based reasoning, statistical learning, mimetic algorithms, swarm intelligent approaches, advanced neural networks, and advanced fuzzy methods, have gained successful applications in many engineering fields. In light of this emerging trend, it is timely important to propose a special session, called “intelligent learning in control systems,” at SMC 2018, in order to promote advanced theory, practices, and interdisciplinary aspects of advanced intelligent learning control systems. This special session aims to disseminate high quality research results regarding not only the theoretic development in integration of learning theories and control techniques, but also their effective applications to intelligent mobile robots, intelligent vehicles, intelligent control systems and smart systems. In addition, this session is also aimed to facilitate interactions among researchers and practitioners.

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