S03: Mechatronics and Creative Design

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Mechatronics represents a unifying and intelligent engineering science paradigm that synergizes innovative ideas with modern engineering science and technologies to create adaptive capabilities that enhance machine intelligence and interact in friendly way with this surrounding including human being. Mechatronics supports new ways of thinking, innovations, design methodologies and practices to the design of new intelligent products and engineering systems, which concentrates on achieving optimum functional synergy, from the earliest conceptual stages of the design process. The best example of such intelligent product and systems is the field of Robotics.

This special session aims to bring researchers to share their research advance findings in the field of Control, Perception and Navigation that are relevant to Mechatronics systems and all types of intelligent robotics. These area of research help these systems to adapt to different task, interact with their environment in a friendly ways, supporting autonomous navigation and adapt robots behaviors in various environments using different strategies and architectures, sensors and artificial perception, sensor integration techniques, mapping and localization.

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