S05: Decision support systems based on multicriteria models and behavioral neuroscience issues

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Complex real problems involve a set of characteristics that invariably conducts to the use of multicriteria evaluation. Nowadays, the growing availability of Information Technology makes possible to develop decision support systems to incorporate stakeholder preferences in such decisions, in collaborative environment or not. Traditionally, decision support system (DSS) is known as a computer-based application that collects, organizes and
analyzes data and decision models are developed to support individuals – or group of individuals – in making better decisions. However, modeling of decision problems may not be an easy task an so it may be necessary make use of problem structuring methods and consider decision makers’ cognitive and behavioral aspects to develop better models. This special session focuses on discuss new models and applications which are dealing with different multicriteria decision problems, problem structuring and behavioral decision issues involved in the development of decision support


  • Decision support system
  • Multicriteria decision Models
  • Negotiation
  • Group decision
  • Preference modeling problem structuring
  • Neuroscience

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