S12: Model-Based Systems Engineering

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Electric power utilities in Japan have been experiencing a hard time under the competitive situation caused by the liberalization processes from 2000 to the present. This session aims at investigating the electricity demand structure in the metropolitan area in Japan by applying various kinds of mathematical modeling approach to deal with the LDC data. Another objective of this session follows that we attempt to evaluate the government policy for promoting and adjusting both conventional and renewable energy resources more desirably and efficiently. In order to measure the effects of renewable energy resources promotion policy such as RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standards) and FIT (Feed-in-Tariffs), we apply game theory, social welfare theory, and competitive market theory and so on. We aim at obtaining an optimal public utility related energy policy.

Session Chairs

  • Tatsuo Oyama (oyamat@grips.ac.jp),
    National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan