S19: Intelligent Internet of Things

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Internet of Things (IoT) is an important technological revolution for the creation of reactive systems with intelligent capabilities, such as smart city, smart transportation, smart home, and smart factories. In such systems, it is critical to design, implement and deploy architectures, methods, and algorithms to collect and process large amount of IoT data, which ultimately it is utilized by these systems to acquire decision making aspects for autonomous behavior. The goal of this special session is to address these challenges to equip IoT systems with proactive intelligence for effectively processing real- time big IoT data in-situ and adapting capabilities in large scale environments.

We would suggest the following topics but are not limited to:

  • IoT system design methodologies
  • Big data processing in IoT systems
  • People-centric IoT
  • Software platforms and middlewares in IoT systems
  • Data processing latency and real-time IoT applications
  • IoT test bed and experiment experiences in smart cities, smart transportation systems, smart home, etc
  • Energy efficiency and green networking
  • Human in the loop in IoT systems

Session Chairs