S21: Human-centered technical infrastructures

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In line with the main theme of the conference ‘The Making of a Human-Centered Cyber World’, this special session focusses on technical infrastructures (for energy, transport, water, mobility, …) that are human centered. Such infrastructures often rely on very specific technologies, but the digitization of the systems imply that a much better view on the operation can be achieved. Remote supervisory control and data acquisition allow to provide better decision support to the operators. But also users are often more interacting with the infrastructure: they become prosumer in an electrical grid, they share cars for mobility, they use blockchain to trade goods in a peer-to-peer fashion, etc.
As such, papers are solicited that consider infrastructures as complex socio-technical systems, and deal with the theory or the modelling and simulation of networked utility and infrastructure systems, from a variety of disciplines, with different perspectives on infrastructure system complexity, but human-centered. Especially papers that confront, combine or integrate social and physical perspectives on infrastructure networks are welcome, in such a way that the insights can be made clear for practitioners.

This special session is organized by the SMC Technical Committee on Infrastructure Systems and Services.

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