Call for Exhibition and Its Guideline

Information to Apply Exhibition

We are planning to have exhibitions by companies and academic groups (University) in SMC 2018.
We sincerely welcome to participate the exhibition during the conference.

1. Payment

150,000 JPY is charged for each company.
(Exhibit space and 1 registration)

Academic group (University) is free to exhibit.
(Exhibit space only)

Everyone can introduce the university for academic exhibitions, but the applicant of academic group should be a clerical staff not a professor and researcher.
When professors and researchers would like to apply exhibition to show devices, please apply it as company.
Since the exhibition space is limited, company exhibitions will be given priority.
Academic exhibits can be accepted only by sending documents (leaflets, posters, etc.).

2. Application and Payment Processing

Please send the application form by an e-mail to SMC 2018 office by 31, May, 2018.

Company Group
Application Form (doc)
Application Form (pdf)

Academic Group
Application Form (doc)
Application Form(pdf)

Notification of acceptance is sent to each applicant by 14, June, 2018.
We accept only bank transfer for the payment.
The bank information is below.

Bank Name: The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd..
Branch Name: Taikouyama Branch
Branch Address: 1-1-7 Nakataikouyama Imizu city, Japan
Account Number: 0144-292-6046394
Account Name: SMC2018 Soshiki Iinkai
The invoice of the amount will be sent with notice of acceptance. The charge must be transferred to the account by 30, July, 2018.

3. Exhibition Space

We are preparing one table (1.8m(W) x 0.6m(D) x 0.7m(H)), two chairs, two outlets, one panel board (1.8m(W) x 2.1m(H)) for each.
If you need to ship heavy objects, please tell us before shipping. Because the floor is covered with a thick carpet, we need to ask a specialist.

4. Place and Time

Seagaia Convention Center at Phoenix Seagia Resort
Hamayama, Yamasaki-cho, Miyazaki-city, Miyazaki, 880-8545, Japan.
Oct. 8th-10th, 2017 9:00 – 18:00
Carrying IN: Oct. 8th, 9:00 – 11:00
Carrying OUT: Oct. 10th, 16:00 – 18:00
There is a possibility to change the time schedule.
So please check the information of website.
!! When you ship display objects to the venue, please absolutely write “SMC 2018 Conference” as addressee of invoice form.
The convention center can accept the display objects from one week before.

5. Prior Notification

When your exhibition is relating with demonstration with fire and high voltage devices, we need to make notification to fire department. Please write it in application form.

6. Cancellation

After accepting the application form, change of exhibition type and cancellation should be informed by e-mail. Cancellation fee will be requested as follows after accepting the application form.

Cancellation Period Before 31, August After 1, September
Cancellation Fee 50 % of Total Charge 100 % of Total Charge

Exhibition charge should be paid by 30 July. When the payment is not finished by the date, we can cancel the exhibition.

7. Rules of Exhibition

In case of untruth descriptions in application form and violation of exhibition rules, we will cancel the exhibition. In that case, the exhibition charge is not returned.
We prohibit the following activations.
A: PR Activities in the space outside of assigned exhibition spaced.
B: Disturbances to organizers and other exhibitors.
If exhibitors damage equipment and persons in organizer’s space and exhibition space, Exhibitors are called to account for the damages.

8. Disclaimer

Organizer has no responsible for the followings.
A: Accidents in the exhibition space
B: Damages of exhibition items
Please use damage or theft insurances as appropriate.

9. Others

If the exhibition will be cancelled due to a natural disaster and other force majeure, organizer will return the exhibition charge except for necessary expense. In addition, we cannot compensate the damages relating with that.
We can change the exhibition structures and services.