Workshop on Informational and Cultural Narratology and Cognitive Content Generation

Date & Time:

Sunday, October 7, 15:20 – 17:20


4F R06 (Cyrstal)


Hiroki Fukushima, Takashi Ogata, Junpei Ono

Recently, the studies of Informational Narratology are gradually expanding to various fields and genres. Originally, the studies of Informational Narratology aim to build up the automatic content generating systems. Ogata (co-organizer) showed a comprehensive framework for research in the narrative generation. In the framework, the research fields are divided into 5 areas; Narrative generation systems, Informational narratology, Literary narratology, Narratological approaches to various fields, and Related studies in the broadest sense. As an example of the interdisciplinary fields for the content generation, Fukushima (Organizer) proposed a concept of “cognitive content generation,” which contains the cognitive content (e.g., appreciation of a picture, descriptions of the flavor of wine, etc.) generated by the human (i.e., not automatic generation).

In this workshop, the organizers will invite various researchers from the interdisciplinary related field of “Informational Narratology and Cognitive Content Generation.” The session consists of the presentations and discussion: the presenters are asked to show the examples of “content generation” in each field. Participants are expected to give some hot discussion for it. The theme of this workshop is related to the automatic content-generation supporting system, thus, this workshop would be close to the Human-Machine Systems of SMC.